Why Choose Organic?

Why Choose Organic?

Why Choose Organic

I’ve had a couple folks ask me this recently. What’s the benefit to buying organic food?

I thought of why I prefer to eat organic. It means wherever possible, consuming food that is produced WITHOUT synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, GMO, antibiotics, and other chemicals. Eeew!

This quick video gives you a quick idea of what can happen when you switch to organic:

This is a pretty extreme case where they went 100% organic, but not everyone can go that far. Even little changes make a difference.

Choosing organic where possible can be beneficial, but that doesn’t mean jumping in and buying anything and everything labelled organic. Yes, organic is a very important indication of HOW your food is produced, but to get the most out of your food you must also be mindful of WHAT you are actually eating and WHERE it comes from.

After all, “organic” cheesy puffs are still just cheesy puffs. Right?

What does organic mean to you? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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