Our Story

While currently living and working in Toronto, Heather and I are embarking on a significant project in our lives with the building of a new home in Douro Township, followed by the eventual return to that farm community where I was raised.

At the same time, we have developed a greater respect for food and a healthier lifestyle.

In recent years, Heather has been successful in creating in me a greater appreciation for what I eat and where it comes from. This along with my agricultural background has taught me to challenge what I see in many of the food products we see today.

We have been lucky enough to have access to local and organic foods not just through farmer’s markets but through our own community in Douro. We want others to have access to some of the same good food.

That has led us to launch a selection of organic baking flour, milled in Douro Township from non-GMO, pesticide free grains, through Maplewood Grange.


All the best… from our home to yours,
Greg & Heather