5 Awesome Summer Ancient and Heritage Grain Recipes

One of the many beautiful things about the summer is the bounty of glorious fruits that are in season. We thought we’d share a few yummy recipes from some awesome Canadian food bloggers! 1. Cherry Cheesecake Crepes (The Recipe Rebel) View Recipe >   2. Raspberry Breakfast Bars (Everybody Likes Sandwiches) View Recipe >   […]

Why Choose Organic?

Why Choose Organic

I’ve had a couple folks ask me this recently. What’s the benefit to buying organic food? I thought of why I prefer to eat organic. It means wherever possible, consuming food that is produced WITHOUT synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, GMO, antibiotics, and other chemicals. Eeew! This quick video gives you a quick idea of what can happen when you switch to organic: This is a pretty […]

What are heirloom and ancient grains?

Ancient Grains Ancient grains, which include spelt, emmer and einkorn, are older grain varieties that have been cultivated for centuries. Some have even been around for thousands of years. You may have also heard these grains collectively referred to as farro. Originating in the Fertile Crescent, these early ancestors of the wheat we know today trace […]